Once you harness the power of Black Sea theme you will never go back to another theme. Sidious will change your view of what the perfect website should be!

Classical rigor together with romance of sea coasts

Check the most powerful features of Black Sea

More stylish notes in every layout

We create themes that are suitable for any kind of websites. Black Sea design is what distinguishes this theme among all others. It looks perfect.

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Pleasant help and assistance

Are you looking for a stable and quick support? Are you dreaming of truly professional and pleasant help? With our team you will have no regrets.

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Looks amazing at any screen size

Responsive layouts are our priority. We pay a great attention to such important things as making the websites look awesome on every screen size.

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New Members of Our Team

  • Pearce Frye
    Pearce Frye
    Interface Designer

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  • Lou Bloxham
    Lou Bloxham
    Interface Designer

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  • Elli Owner
    Elli Owner

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Our clients testimonials

  • 23. apr
    John Doe
    PR manager

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  • 23. apr
    Tony Blair

    Nulla aliquam malesuada suscipit. Nunc vitae sagittis risus, quis eleifend odio. Interdum et malesuada fames ac ante ipsum primis in faucibus.

  • 23. apr
    Gordon Brow

    Nulla malesuada fermentum tortor vel pretium. Cras tempor massa justo, in ultricies risus porttitor ac. Proin elementum ligula vitae sapien tristiqu.

Examples of pages

Choose one from 11 pre-built layouts to customize your website according to your cherished desires. Moreover you are able to create any layout you can imagine!

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Fancy Headers

Just make your content stand out with individual header. Choose the header variant and set images, colors or textures. Decorate your website in easy way!

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Theme customization tools

Black Sea is one of our most powerful themes ever, that allows you to customize everything via simple and intuitive user-friendly interface in your admin panel.

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  • Brainstorming: first part of hard developing process
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  • Developing: indispensable motion path to success
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  • Testing: the hardest and longest process
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  • Planning: just plan your future achievements
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Our purchasers are lucky to have Black Sea, as they receive not only the theme, plugins, dozen of features, but the great support and assistance from our lovely team. Purchase Black Sea and you will be grateful to us, as we create really powerful things for any types of websites.

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