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By lord | 19 Mar, 14


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By lord | 19 Mar, 14


Problem with logo after update

By lord | 14 Feb, 14

If after updating the theme you have no logotype on your site, please, reinstall it. It may occur if you use default logo. Regards, DFD support team  

Problem with color schemes

By lord | 13 Feb, 14

Dear purchaser, In case if you have the following problem: “I tried to change the color schemes on my website, but they are not applied to my pages. I go to Options -> Styling Options, find here “Main site colors setup”, choose my colors and save. It doesn’t work. Help me!” The solving of the […]

Installation problems

By lord | 18 Jan, 14

Sometimes our users face the problem while installing the theme. They get ‘Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.‘ message. This problem is usually caused by the users’ hosting or server settings. There are three different ways to solve this problem: – Increase the memory limit in your php.ini file: memory_limit, […]

Update information

By lord | 14 Jan, 14

We are making necessary updates from time to time, so if something doesn’t work after you install the update – please, re-install the plugins concerning your problem as sometimes we make changes in plugins code. If something still doesn’t work after reinstall – please, create a ticket and will help you with pleasure. Kind regards, […]

Footer settings

By lord | 13 Jan, 14

If you would like to receive the following footer as in the promo page: You only need to go to Options -> Footer section options, where you can customize the left part of the footer. The right part of this footer is footer menu. Go to Appearance -> Menus select or create any menu you […]

Incorrect styles of search engine

By lord | 10 Jan, 14

Problem: Activated WPML plugin and the header or search engine display incorrect? Had this: Receive something like this: Solution: Replace the block-lng_login_search.php in themes/sidious/templates/header/ folder with this file.

Compatible plugins

By lord | 10 Jan, 14

With what other plugins Sidious is compatible? Up to now we tested it on Contact Form 7, Formidable Pro, Gravity Forms. It’s fully compatible with Contact Form 7, Formidable Pro. You’ll have problems with styles using Gravity Forms in Sidious.

How to customize top/bottom paddings

By lord | 10 Jan, 14

Need to customize paddings between blocks and sections? The slider doesn’t show up directly under the primary menu? You might need to customize your paddings – top and bottom spaces between different blocks. For this purpose we created special option which you can find while using our Visual Page Builder. Select the +ADD SECTION -> choose […]